Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Thanks to all who were involved! I was totally surprised. AND I gave Big D a really hard time all week trying to figure out family plans, etc.
So thanks again. Love you guys.

BTW you can't tell from the video but the house looked great!
Love Alicia

Somethings that hit me...
1. O. M. Gosh. I walk and sound like my sister.
2. I am very gullible. Didn't suspect a thing. Seriously.
3. Sorry Big J, but you really should have chosen trig or history, I am a librarian after all :)
4. I am very loved.


  1. How totally cool!!! I'm gullible too and have been fooled many times. It does make you feel totally loved doesn't it?

  2. Yes :) It was wonderful! P.S. I am so excited you commented...you started me in this world. You're like my Blog Mom :)