Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sciencie Birthday Party...cake FAIL

 H wants to be a Forensic Scientist when she grows up so for her 10th birthday we did a science birthday complete with an exploding experiment called "Elephant Toothpaste", green fizzy punch, and a cake with test tubes, petry dishes, and beakers made out of rice crispy treats to top it....That was the plan.
 Of course most of my ideas came from here is a Link to my birthday idea board.
The experiment went off very well. The girls were thrilled! They each had a lab report to fill out. It was funny to see which girls took this part seriously and which didn't (H didn't)
This is what the cake was suppose to at least resemble:
Before I reveal the majesty that is my version I would also like to show you the middle of the cake:

Cool, right! The how-to is also on my pinterst board.

Back to the cake decor...
We started with rice crispy scupltures:

Starting to look a tiny bit suspect...but wait til' you see it icied, it is sure to get better, right!?!
and I am well aware of what the blue TEST TUBE looks like...
I sprikled edible sparkles on it and we cut right in...
Tasted good anyway  :)

Hooray for cake fails!

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