Thursday, January 26, 2012

Art for the additions.

 I love Pinterest.  I am not completely obsessed...Pinterest doesn't seem to have an app for androids so I don't look at when I am away from the phone. 
That is were I got the grrrrrreat idea to do homemade art work for each of their bedrooms based on the theme they (with guidance) chose. 
Here is a link to my pinterest page: Pinterest

Here we go:
P's room: Sports
We started with Baseball
Big D painted this by looking at a picture and sketching then painting.

Amazing right!?!

Here's What P and I did together:

Cute right!?! Now we need to add Football and sounds like Soccer is coming soon too!!!!!

Here's what we did in H's Room.

She wanted "Horses" I really detest the 70's brown and green version or the pretty pretty princess version of this theme.  I found this on Pinterest (of course)

This is our version: 
Do you see the princess chandelier...still a little princess... :)

Each family member made one for her room.

We used paint and fabric with modpodge, buttons, bits of trim and lace. Our herd isn't as well populated but I am hoping we will continue to add to the family (of horses, only horses).

For J's room we went with Super Hero. Big D did some amazing painting for this room too. We also had some help from M and Big J's (now ex) girlfriend.
This is a city scape and below the super hero's are shining on the walls...get it?

So that's the project. What do you think?

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  1. Wow the rooms look teriffic good job team Smith.