Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Been a While

So many things have changed in the last few months...

After graduation, Big J moved to San Antonio, TX he is living with his Grandmother, working, and figuring out life. We miss him and hope him the best.

M moved to her Dad's :(  One of the consequences of divorce is that she has this choice. She's doing well in her new school, part of the cheer team and on student counsel, and I desperately miss her.

I am working as a School Librarian at a Middle School in Oklahoma City. I love it! Crazy middle school students. M trained me to spot a 12 year old a mile a way and it has been very useful in this new world. Checking out technology, textbooks, and testing are all new tasks for me but I still get to do readers advisory for students and teachers. I am really looking forward to collaborating and research papers are rumored to begin soon, woohoo!!!

P is playing Football!! While he isn't the smallest on the team he is still a little guy. Poor thing really needs suspenders to keep those pants up (he has NO rear end!) He likes being part of a team and I am actually learning the game, a little...

Little J lost his two front teeth. He's in the first grade, he lost the first one and waited until the evening after school pictures to loose the the second front tooth. Silly boy!


H hit a growth spurt, her feet are size 8 and she's only 10!!!!! Remember Big D is 6'9" H and P are both 10.
H is 5ft and wearing a size 8 shoe. She is blond haired and  blue eyed and is a beauty. She will be taller than her 5'1 3/4" stepmother by Christmas, I'm sure!!!

I will do better about posting.  Life has some crazy ups and downs.
What's been happening in your world?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Trampoline

This post was inspired by the Writer's Workshop at Mama Kat's

Mama’s Losin’ It

I choose, "What do your kids have that you always wanted as a kid?" for my post challenge. 

That is easy! I always wanted a trampoline. We never got one. My parents were worried we would fall off and break our arms or something.
My friend, Melissa, had one and I LOOOOOVED visiting her house and jumping. 
For hours.
She was bored with it but I could flip and soar and dive. It was almost as good as swimming. 
So, Thanks Melissa for putting up with me on the trampoline.

My kids got one on a cold blustery Christmas morning. 
Two elves put that stinking thing together, along with the net surrounding it to keep them safe, and ushered the kids away from the back door until they were all assembled for the grand reveal.

The kids were so excited that the elves fingers were finally warmed by their cheer. :) 


Then the tornado came through our town and torn up the safety guard...


and then Big D made it into a splash pad! 

Those kids are soooo lucky!!!

So, what do your kids have that you always wanted?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I am a Pinterest Enthusiast and a Teacher

I am working with the local chamber and presenting a class on Marketing with Pinterest.
This has been a fun project.
I've "met" some really great people including Beth Hayden  who sent me a copy of her book
to review and I have to say, Well done! Beth has an amazing knack for distilling information down to its essence. Her advise is practical and easy to follow. She offers case studies and insights to help you succeed with Pinterest. Look for Beth's books at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks.
For my class I have developed a checklist and am going to include it here for you to print. Be sure and leave a comment if you download it and find it useful!