Friday, August 19, 2011

Just Fat

Yesterday I convinced myself that despite having an IUD I might be pregnant.
I mean, 8 out of 1000 women get pregnant with and could happen.

Here is my reasoning:
My belly is big. I have always had a but a very flat stomach
So round belly+ My upper area(s) are HUGE = I must be pregnant...

I took a test last night.    Turns out I'm just fat.

Turning 40 next month. AND fat.
Pooh pooh :(



  1. Awww your not fat you are just fluffy :)

  2. Girl, I know the feeling and I have certainly had that same question come across my mind SEVERAL times this summer!!! Just turned 30 and everything is falling downward & much more "Fluffy" as your friend above so kindly posted!!! But I have to say this sis make me laugh out loud!! The things us women go through!!!