Friday, August 26, 2011

Growing Old; The Girlfriends Guide

Guess what!?! I finally figured out how to allow comments :) yay yay yay!

Okay, for the real stuff...

My BFF Cindy Collins is a Pharmacist and is going to co-author a series with me about growing old. Think of this as the introduction.

Have you noticed; there are books for girls about their changing bodies, teenagers and college age girls about their changing bodies, what to expect when you are pregnant and recovering from child birth, then the information ends. You wake up one morning and discover hair growing in odd places, weight gain where you've never had weight before, food likes and dislikes changing, changes in your, uh, cycle. You think to yourself, What IS HAPPENING? No one told me to expect this.

We are going to attempt to explain what is happening in a fun and informative way. Please comment, we welcome your feedback.

I think we will start with sleep.

Dubai 2009
Who's up for a sleepcation?

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