Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RIP Challenge Book Reviews

Here is a reminder of the Challenge:

Peril the First:
Read four books, any length, that you feel fit (my very broad definitions) of R.I.P. literature.
The purpose of the R.I.P. Challenge is to enjoy books that could be classified as:
Dark Fantasy.

The emphasis is never on the word challenge, instead it is about coming together as a community and embracing the autumnal mood, whether the weather is cooperative where you live or not.
Here is my list:
Suspense: Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir
Supernatural: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
Gothic: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Thriller: The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber  I didn't get to this one.

The Replacement
Brenna Yovanoff
Brilliance Audio 2010
Read by Kevin T. Collins
10 hours 37 minutes

From the book: "In the story, Emma's four years old.  She gets ot of bed and pads across the floor in her footie pajamas. When she reaches her hand between the bars, the thing in the crib moves closer. It tries to bite her and she takes her hand out again but doesn't back away. They spend all night looking at each other in the dark.  In the morning, the thing is still crounched on the
lamb-and-duckling mattress pad, staring at her.
It isn't her brother.
It's Me."

This chilling teen audio is read by Kevin Collins. Kevin does a great job and sounds a little bit like Christian Slater. The story is told in first person by Mackie Doyle. A Replacement.
Mackie is in high school. He has friends, a crush, and a family who loves him.
He just doesn't quite. fit. in.
Great story telling, interesting characters, different plot line.
A recommended read.

Last Rituals: An Icelandic Novel of Secret Symbols, Medieval Witchcraft, and Modern Murder
Yrsa Sigurdardóttir
Published by William Morrow 2007
314 pages

If you like the writing style of The Girl With... trilogy, you will like this author. The story is about a murder mystery set in Iceland. The author does a great job of weaving history, mystery and a little romance. The writing is not as dark and graphic as the The Girl With... trilogy but the mood and pacing is very similar. Another recommeded read.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
first published in 1891
213 pages

Favorite quote, "People like you, wilful sunbeams of life,.."
The Picture of Dorian Gray embodies the struggle with wisdom gained with age and the beauty of youth. Do the rules of society keep us from living life to the fullest or allow every one a full life? Read this beautiful blend of philosphy and horror and let me know what you think.

This set of reviews was a long time coming. I enjoyed the challenge and the reads but got busy with life and couldn't make myself sit down and write the reviews. Let me know what you think.

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