Friday, May 4, 2012

Sweet boy.

The Library I work at is hosting a 6 week program called "MasterPieces" 
The program is a partnership between the University located in Norman, OK and the Southwest Oklahoma City Library.   The program is presented by staff, Professors, and students enrolled in a directed project for course credit. Here is what the purposed format looks like:
Objective: Provide a weekly program for approximately 15 at risk tweens focusing on music, art, fitness and cooking.
  •          Timeline-    Six to eight week program beginning in March,  Friday 4pm-7:00p
  •         Audience  -   Utilize Moore Public School media specialists to help identify at-risk tweens
      •     Send letters inviting identified tweens to the program
        •        Cap program at 15 tweens

  •        Possible Format -  Four topics over eight weeks (two weeks per topic)
    •    First week have a presenter
    •          Possibly partner with OU students to present
        •         Athletes, musicians, artists, etc.
        •    Second week have tweens do activity
        •     This activity would be planned by SLIS student(s) (School of Library and Information Services) 
        •         This format would give students experience in planning and implementing a program as well as coordinating a presenter

P is a tween but not technically an at risk tween and does not go to school in the Moore area but his mother DOES work for the library and the Department Head for the Children's Department loves us so...He's in like flinn...
The first week they planted tomato plants and this week they are building a robot! 
Last week they learned about service and created items to go to soldiers over seas and a senior center visited to talk and read with the kids. 
P was such a kind little gentleman one of the library staff came to me in tears. 
I had to check this out for myself. Here's a pic:

They ate him up! He shook hands and acted like a perfect gentleman. My heart grew three sizes that day.

Isn't it great when our kids surprise us and act like we teach them stuff!?!

(Robot pics to come :) )

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