Thursday, August 4, 2011

More "Turquoise Moments"

After my last post Big D and I went to dinner for our anniversary. He bought me a new dress, it is turquoise!
He told me I look really great in turquoise.
Here is my new dress...obviously the picture is squished... ;)

It even has a pocket in the front.
He said it makes my eyes "pop" and looks really good with my skin tone.

He also said that if I forgo the turquoise paint anywhere in the house he will buy me something colored turquoise every month.....

Big D is a really really good gift buyer. I would not want to stifle his gift-buying creativity, but here are some ideas to stave off a major turquoise moment...

All of which would look really great...with my eyes :)
Wait, I found another one...

What moments are you having?


  1. As soon as I get to a house I am allowed to paint, A very dark torquoise along with every other color that a gypsy caravan might be painted, will be splashed all over the house. I am embracing my roots. And I love the pans. Tawny

  2. I love that go girl and share pictures!

  3. This post is hilarious because Turquoise is my favorite color. The jacket I have on, the socks, the purse next to me, my earrings, all turquoise, but the best part? My living room (that I'm posting this from) is turquoise :) You can't go wrong with that color!!!